Spatial Informatics and Information Systems Faculty

We are hiring! Please see our open position for a tenure-track/tenure Assistant Professor in Spatial Computing here!

While all the faculty members in the School of Computing and Information Science may contribute to teaching and research in any of its academic units, the core Spatial Computing faculty members include the following.

Kate Beard-Tisdale
Professor of Spatial Computing
Office: 348B Boardman Hall
Phone: 207.581.2147

Nicholas Giudice
Professor of Spatial Computing
Office: 331 Boardman Hall
Phone: 207.581.2187
Lab: 236 Boardman and Carnegie Hall

Torsten Hahmann
Associate Professor of Spatial Computing, Associate Director SCIS
Office: 344 Boardman Hall
Phone: 207.581.3943
Lab: 236A Boardman

Silvia Nittel
Associate Professor of Spatial Computing, Graduate Coordinator
Director, Data Science and Engineering Graduate Program
Office: 334 Boardman Hall
Phone: 207.581.3681
Lab: 321 Boardman

Nimesha Ranasinghe
Assistant Professor of Spatial Computing, Program Coordinator HCDT Undergrad Program
Office: 333 Boardman Hall
Phone 207.581.2195
Lab: 237 Boardman

For detailed background, research and contact information on other professors in the School, please see Faculty and Staff.



Max Egenhofer
Professor of Spatial Computing

Harlan Onsrud
Professor of Spatial Computing