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RESEARCH - Faculty Research

Faculty Research Specialties

Among the key knowledge advancement interests of the faculty include the following:

Dr. Kate Beard: geographic information systems, digital libraries, uncertainty in spatial data, information visualization, spatial and temporal analysis

Dr. Max Egenhofer: geographic database systems, spatial reasoning, formalizations of spatial relations; user interface design, spatial query languages

Dr. Nicholas Giudice: perception, cognitive nueroscience, human factors engineering, nuerocognitive engineering, multimodal interaction and spatial cognition

Dr. Reinhard Moratz: spatial knowledge representation in conitive systems; perception, action and communication within and of space; human-robot interactions

Dr. Silvia Nittel: database systems, distributed, heterogeneous, sensor based and mobile information systems

Dr. Harlan Onsrud: information system legal and ethical issues, combined technological and legal approaches in addressing access, security, privacy, and intellectual property issues

Dr. Michael Worboys: computational aspects of information systems, spatial reasoning, uncertainty in spatial data, multimodal interfaces