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Local Information

Welcome to the local information page! Here you can find useful information about the department, the University of Maine, and the greater Bangor-Orono area. If you notice anything we might have forgotten or have any suggestions that would make this page better please feel free to contact us by email

Caddilac Mountain

Visiting UMaine
Orono and the University of Maine are easy to find using any online direction system. Also, check out the campus map.

Campus Information
This page is intended for people here in Orono or those that will arrive soon. Here you can find information about campus resources, activities, and happenings.

Community and State News and Information

Campus News: The University’s Newspaper is the Maine Campus where you can find out the important things happening this week.

Regional News: The local newspaper is the Bangor Daily News and it can tell you about what’s happening in the area. The site also contains a page of links about regional activities.

Regional Information: Maine office of tourism web site at maintains lists of things to do and see in Maine.

Town Information: For Information about the town of Orono see Orono. For information about Old Town, ME see Old Town.

Thematic Links

The following website are of relevance to the SIE graduate program.

General Spatial Information Engineering Web Links
Organizations, Agencies, and Private Companies
Related University Academic Programs

General Spatial Information Engineering Web Links

The following are sample index sites that lead to many more links in the indicated areas:

Google Geomatics Directory (GIS, GPS, Remote Sensing, Surveying)
GPS, Glonass, & Geodesy Links
Surveying Links

Organizations, Agencies, and Private Companies

Professional Organizations

Government Agencies

Private Sector Companies

Related University Academic Programs

Academic Programs Affiliated with UCGIS (U.S. Universities)
Academic Programs Affiliated with AGILE (European Universities – See Members)
Academic Programs Affiliated with GEOIDE (Canadian Universities)

A few direct links to specific related academic programs: